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Pop up window for dual screen computers from 8 +

In one of my recent articles, i gave a tip on how to make pop up windows display on the same screen as the browser window in Siebel 7.

Those people, who have 2 or more monitors, will understand this problem very well, but this trick no longer works in Siebel 8. After searching on ML without any luck, I started to do some trial and error.

The Siebel 8 client config file dosnt have a [SWE] section, and creating this section with the value PopupSizeConstrained = TRUE, dosnt do anything.

Neither does creating an Application user property with the same parameters under the Application object, but if we move it under the [InfraUIFramework] section, it should start working again!

PopupSizeConstrained = TRUE

This has been tested in Siebel in 8.1.1.

Pop up window for dual screen computers from 7.5.3 +

There is a little known trick that is documented in ML (Siebel CRM Fix Pack Guide, version 7.5.3 [Doc ID 546998.1]).

It is so useful and yet so sad that many people are living without it. For people with dual monitors, when you open up a popup, it appears only on the primary monitor.

For example, if you have your Siebel client on the secondary monitor and click on a popup applet, it opens in the primary monitor, to me thats almost half way round the other side of the world.

This is pretty unforgivable, and yet people just accept it as a fact of life, but there has been a fix for this since 7.5.3.

Who really looks through all the Oracle/Siebel fix documentation? Not until we are really annoyed with the behaviour.

The fix is simple, put the following line under the [SWE] section of your config file

PopupSizeConstrained = TRUE

Now like some sort of magic, all your popup windows will appear on the same monitor that your Siebel client is located.

Reader Challenge - Display a popup applet from inside a Shuttle Applet

This article is a break from the usual style of where i state the problem and provide the solution.

You are encouraged to try and work out this problem for yourself, it will take < 5 minutes to prototype. This gives the reader an opportunity to solve a tricky problem, and learn a few things along the way.

To start with, this challenge is almost impossible (this adds to the fun), there is a Siebel product defect on this issue. You can view the details of this on Metalink (Bug ID 12-KIGMEO).

This is a horrible defect, basically the behaviour is that you can use ShowPoup to display an applet anywhere in the Application, except inside Shuttle applets.

If you try to use Showpop inside a Shuttle, the popup appear appears in base mode and all the buttons are greyed out.

and when you close it, the shuttle applet re-appears but gets re-arranged like a picasso painting.

There are actually other ways of achieving the same behaviour, for example, you can close the shuttle and open up another applet from the base applet or you can open up a custom IE window that looks like an applet.

But this is a purely technical challenge, and the requirement here is to display a Siebel popup applet from inside a Shuttle Applet, it sounds simple enough.

As always there is more than one solution, so its not entirely impossible, we'll revisit this article again in a several weeks.